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Let’s welcome our new business division of the PBB GROUP – PBB Land Sdn Bhd, Registration No. 201201008830 (982350-V) entrusted to unlock the potential of investment opportunities available. If you are looking for alternative investment to diversify the portfolio, now we have made suitable ones for you.

We believe that investing is for the long term, and that pretty returns are made by investing in high quality sustainable businesses that will prove their worth over time. Fixed income solutions are a great way to diversify our investment portfolio and tend to be less volatile than equity investments.

We’re aimed to find suitable alternative investments for those who would like to diversify their portfolio for long-term financial goals.

We pride ourselves with our detailed research and study resulting in superior long term investment returns for our portfolios. To make money, you need to go against the crowd, and you have to be with the right investment partner- we’re here for you.

The Upcoming Investment

The Resort Investment Highlights

What you will get from this Resort Investment:

  • Up to 5x Return of Investment (ROI)
  • 25 years of Profit Sharing Income
  • FREE Yearly Visits to The Holiday Resort
  • FREE 7-Days Family Trip with Accommodation 
  • Enjoy Unlimited FREE Eating of Musang King Durian
Invest Now Before It's Too Late

Strategic Location for Resort Investment

  • 10km from Sungai Lembing Town
  • 20km from Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP)
  • 30km from Kuantan City Centre, Pahang, Malaysia


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