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Value Engineering (VE)

PBB GROUP as one of Malaysia’s leading infrastructure developers, our engineering company- PBB Engineering Sdn Bhd, Registration No. 201301021938 (1051768-T) holds a MBAM certified Master Builder  Contractor with DQS ISO 9001 : 2008 accreditation and CIDB registration class of G7 B, C04, CE & CE21. Coupled with our passion and commitment to project execution and timely delivery, we have grown steadily in Malaysia and has progressed to undertake challenges beyond its borders venturing into South East Asia (SEA) region.

Over the years, our experienced team under PBB Engineering Sdn Bhd has been the pioneer providing Post-tensioning Engineering solutions with an aim to promote sustainable building development. We contribute ourselves toward the industry by providing and sharing our vast experience and know-how knowledge through Value Engineering (VE) management in civil and structural engineering specialization.

Post-tensioning Engineering is an efficient method of concrete reinforcing that reduces mass while improving building stability and resistance to wind, gravity, and seismic forces.

PBB GROUP has an unsurpassed reputation in providing Value Engineering (VE) solutions for helping our clients overcome their specific building design and architecture construction challenges. PBB engineering teams have vast experience in providing innovative and effective Post-tensioning Engineering solutions for property developers, infrastructure builders and architect firms.  

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Post-tensioning Engineering

Post-tensioning Engineering is a specialized building systems technique for reinforcing concrete in a more active way. As a building material, concrete is strong in compression, but weak in tension. Post-tensioned reinforcement helps extend the life of concrete, overcoming cracking that is inherent in the material and preventing its failure.

To handle the daily construction works, the materials used each component meets the specifications of the European Organisation of Technical Approvals (EOTA) and are in accordance with the guideline of Post-Tensioning Kits for Prestressing of Structures ETAG 013 (2002), Mechanical Tests for Post-Tensioning Systems (BS EN 13391:2004), and the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

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We thank you for your interest in our Value Engineering Solutions. We are the specialist for Post Tensioning Engineering in Malaysia. Feel free to contact us if you are seeking for collaboration with us for your building design and construction works.

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